Why Learn 3DPrinting

Why 3D printing in education? That's quite a question!

Why is this technology important in education? And Why one day every school would have a 3D printer?

  • As educators we can't afford to miss out on keeping up with new technologies and Students need to be aware of current industrial and commercial practices.
  • 3D printing is not just for R&D.; Artistic sculptural forms can be designed and made; Geographers can model 3D terrain; Mathematical shapes can be modelled; Architectural and historical buildings/structures studied as 3D models; Moulds for food products; Cells, atoms, DNA and other scientific concepts can be modelled, etc.
  • Rapid prototyping in schools and colleges has been limited to subtractive technologies, again costly in hardware and consumable materials, especially for complex parts.
  • Students are able to design 3D parts, print, test and evaluate them. This inevitably increases innovation in designs that the students produce.
  • It is possible for students to produce designs that are "impossible" to manufacture.
  • Once students have mastered 3D designing and have produced their first 3D print they keep coming back for more! A real wow factor.
  • There are strong links to PLTS (Personal Learning and Thinking Skills).

Seeing this technology in action is by far the best persuasive argument to know , why this is important for everybody to learn.