Design K / 3DC

Your design class ………………but for the kids !

Number of reasons why kids should be doing this class : To instill creativity, To develop imagination, To sharpen skills, To develop self confidence, To learn innovation

Every kid has hidden talents, all we need to do is to encourage them and see how they blossom. This course will open new vistas for them and give them a clear picture of what they want to become and do in future.

  • 3D printing puts an entire shop's worth of tools into your hands
  • Learn about free software and industry resources
  • Learn where and how to make prototypes
  • See how 3D Printing can enhance your current project

This class will focus a little on the history and mostly on the capabilities of 3D printing, and move quickly to the product and artistic design process. This class is intended for people who want to turn their ideas into objects or artwork. You will still get hands-on learning of how to use a 3D Printer and where to find free 3D modeling software to accelerate your designs.

If you have already taken, or are considering taking the Intro to 3D printing class, this class covers much of what that class covers, but is intended to go in more detail . This class differs from the Intro class and you get to know basic intro to 3D design and modeling. How levelling is done on printers , what materials can be used , how to do slicing for effective printing and tricks of 3D printing . You will get guidance on conceptualizing your design before you touch a computer.

It will also touch upon concepts of scanning and sculpting and how these tools can be used for creativity and fun. Making selfies etc

Course Duration : 2 months
Course Fees : Rs. 12,000/-