Kids / 3DC

Our Intro Class for KIDS is designed for younger audiences....ages 9-14

  • We let them learn with kids their age in a friendly environment
  • Help take their interests beyond computers or video games..
  • Encourage creativity or develop a budding inventor!

This class is for kids ages 9 and up (younger exceptions may be considered on case by case basis), and gives them a great overview of the possibilities and magic of 3D printing in a fun and interactive setting! Class sizes are kept small so that everyone gets time on a 3D printer.

Shapes, when combined with other shapes, make interesting things. That is the basis for all computer 3D and CAD design, and this class will use tools both in the real world and on the computer to help convey that message. Kids who attend this class will exit with an understanding that the world around us is made up of wonderful complexity that can be created with combining and subtracting simple shapes and that they can take those mental tools into other areas of their life.

Kids will create and modify a simple 3D object in CAD, and then watch a pre-designed object print out! They will learn the very basics of how to use the 3D printer, how to make sure the print will come out successfully, and general guidelines to remember when using these machines.

Children should have basic computer knowledge of how to use a mouse and keyboard, but other than that, we will help them with the rest.

Course Duration : 2 hours
Course Fees : Rs. 1000/-